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    Your journey to better health starts here!
    • Initial evaluation with symptoms survey questionnaire
    • Comprehensive functional blood test
    • A personalized diet plan & nutritional supplements
    • Complimentary one-month supply of nutritional supplements
    • Microbiome test
    • Six coaching sessions with a designated doctor
    • Re-evaluation
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Program Description

The Wellness Program addresses the disease's underlying causes and multifactorial triggers, with the goal of reversing the disease process rather than masking or managing symptoms for the rest of one's life. It establishes an honest and effective path to restoring optimal health and well-being. The Wellness Program also helps to prevent disease by evaluating patterns of imbalance which, if not addressed, can lead to chronic disease.


This also allows us to identify extremely subtle changes and imbalances in blood chemistry that suggest the start of the disease, allowing the patient to not only make necessary lifestyle adjustments to avoid future health problems from advancing (for example, avoiding the advancement of Hashimoto's disease or Grave's disease), but also to explain why specific symptoms exist. There are frequently hereditary factors or functional imbalances that may be successfully addressed via diet and nutrition. This implies that there is no need for radiation, surgery, or long-term hormone replacement treatment.

Program Details

1. Initial evaluation with symptoms survey questionnaire 

You will be given a questionnaire form with 200+ questions for the subjective evaluation in various health categories (such as Cardiovascular, Liver/Biliary, Sugar Handling, Digestion, Hyperthyroid, Hypothyroid, Hyper-Adrenal, Hypo Adrenal, Parasympathetic Dominance, and Sympathetic Dominance) to fill out and return for further evaluation. This form aims to cover and address the clinical history of the new patient from birth to the present. It also creates and orders a customized blood panel test to detect any abnormalities in blood chemistry and deficiencies in cellular nutrition, which are primarily the root causes of all degenerative diseases.

2. Comprehensive functional blood test

The customized lab tests show the level of dysfunction that exists in the various physiological systems in your body from the digestion of the food you eat to the health of your liver and the strength of your immune system – which are all key factors in maintaining optimal health. These laboratory tests are considerably different from the standard annual blood tests you have as a fairly routine part of a visit to your doctor which primarily identifies the production of white and red blood cells, cholesterol, and hormones, as well as unusual levels of vitamins and minerals, blood sugar, protein, and inflammation, among other things. When levels go outside of the normal range, physicians can identify certain medical disorders and begin the therapy. But what if you go to the doctor with symptoms and your blood work is normal? Because conventional blood tests are designed to diagnose disease after it has already manifested, rather than preventing it in the first place, chances are you will either be sent on your way with instructions to return if things get worse, or you will be prescribed medication to alleviate symptoms without explaining the underlying cause.

However, our customized lab tests analyze a patient’s blood chemistry within a functional or optimal range and look at the results thoroughly. This enables us to notice very subtle changes and imbalances in blood chemistry and deficiencies in cellular nutrition, indicative of the start of disease as well as revealing patterns that not only foreshadow potential problems but explain why certain symptoms are present. To help you restore your health and balance, your designated doctor will first go over the results of the test with you online and explain all of the findings as well as the underlying causes of your health difficulties. He will then offer you the best treatment plan, a coaching session, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle modifications.

3. A personalized diet plan  and nutritional supplement recommendation

To improve your health and well-being, we will make a custom food plan for you based on your unique metabolic typing as well as the list of whole food nutritional supplements to aid with your cellular nutrient deficiencies. Unfortunately, the modern medical field as a whole believes that diet doesn't matter. It's a sad fact that most doctors don't apply the principles of good nutrition to their suffering patients, even though the father of medicine Hippocrates  said “LET FOOD BE THY MEDICINE AND MEDICINE BE THY FOOD.”

Researchers have discovered that some foods may either stimulate or inhibit the activity of genes, some of which have a protective effect while others can potentially be detrimental. By modifying your diet, you can control the expression of your genes, either by facilitating or inhibiting their function. Every single one of us must discover our own safe and nutritious foods. When you determine your metabolic type and make dietary modifications, you will discover two primary things: what items do not work with your body's chemistry and how to combine carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in the most beneficial way for you.

4. Complimentary one-month supply of whole food nutritional supplements 

A customized whole food nutritional supplement from Standard Process, one of the top nutritional supplement manufacturers in the United States, to assist your body in repairing itself to achieve and retain optimal health. These supplements are not over-the-counter products or pharmaceutically engineered chemicals in a laboratory. Over-the-counter products are not genuine replacement parts as they lack many of the essential elements normally present in whole foods supplements. An example of a whole food could be carrots. Carrots are high in Vitamin A "Complex". Synthetic Vitamin A or pharmaceutically engineered Vitamin A does not contain the whole Vitamin A "Complex" That is found in nature.

5. Microbiome test

Gut microbiome analysis using next-generation genetic sequencing of a stool sample to discover the diversity of the bacteria and fungi that live in your gut, you will receive a comprehensive and personalized "Gut Report" as part of the test outlining microbiome diversity, Phyla balance, the presence of beneficial species, and the presence of harmful species. Microbiome testing compares a patient's microbiome to that of a normal/healthy individual. It will also provide additional information to help you with suggestions for a healthier lifestyle, gut environmental health, and individualized probiotic supplement recommendations.

6. Six coaching sessions with a designated doctor

There will be six online coaching sessions, each lasting 45 minutes. During the coaching sessions, you will receive assistance in establishing objectives that will aid the adoption of healthy lifestyles, as well as developing methods and plans to help you achieve your goals. Additionally, it aids in identifying individual motivations and obstacles that prevent long-term progress.

7. Re-evaluation

The second 'Comprehensive Functional Blood Test' will be performed three months after the program's start to compare the outcomes with the first assessment. This will provide us with new information about how much your condition has improved in a variety of health categories, including cardiovascular, immune system, inflammation, blood sugar, white and red blood cells, cholesterol, and hormonal function, as well as vitamin and mineral levels, among other nutrients. 

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