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Full Hair Hub (FHH)

The Full Hair Hub


If you're experiencing hair loss, turn to us for a comprehensive answer to your concerns. Our Full Hair Hub (FHH) treatment can help trigger hair rejuvenation and regrowth.

What causes hair loss

Mainly there are 3 reasons for hair loss discovered for both men and women by the majority of the researchers and scientists as follows:

  1. Increased male hormone DHT which attacks and destroys the hair Follicles;

  2. Scalp conditions such as dermatitis and excessively oily or dry hair;

  3. Decrease of the micro blood circulation to the hair roots.

Unfortunately, most hair loss treatments and remedies focus on the first 2 reasons (increased DHT and scalp conditions) and not the micro blood circulation which is the main cause of hair loss according to the latest research on cause factors in hair loss, that’s why you see nobody loses hair on top of the neck and ears not even when there is increased amount of DHT and existence of scalp conditions such as dermatitis or oily hair. Let us explain why.


The contractions and constant motion of the muscles over the ears and neck when we eat, chew, or speak create a constant flow of oxygenated blood to the capillaries that lie below the scalp surface which transport all the essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that the hair roots need to grow new hair as well as to prevent the conversion of testosterone to DHT that attacks the hair follicles and cause hair thinning.


Following these principles, the Full Hair Hub (a patented technology) is an approved treatment for excessive hair loss that has been available throughout the world for many years under the name of ETG chair (Electro Tricho Genesis) and was brought to the United States under the name of CTG chair (Cosmetic Tricho Genesis). Tricho Genesis is a treatment and not a cure, it alters a dormant state of hair cells by stimulating the follicles, inhibiting further excessive hair loss, and stimulating hair re-growth in suitable candidates.


The technology utilizes non-invasive pulsed electrostatic energy that can noticeably create the appearance of fuller, thicker, and more luxurious hair. Success rates from these treatments have been approx. 89%-96%, although results may vary, depending on the individual. The Full Hair Hub offers each customer many advantages over pharmaceuticals, topical, and surgical implants. and getting the same results of minoxidil and Propecia but without any side effects. Current Technology Corporation holds 4 patents throughout the world and has spent over $15 million in research and development of its Tricho Genesis platform and systems. The patents encompass technology, methodology, and design. 

FHH vs. other hair loss treatments

Medications can help slow down the rate of hair loss, but they can also have serious side effects. For example, minoxidil has been connected to heart problems and Finasteride is linked to erectile dysfunction and infertility.

Hair transplants can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000, and come with a host of complications, such as facial swelling, rejection due to accidental damage to follicles, and worst of all, neither fixes the underlying cause of hair loss nor provides a permanent cure.

On the other hand, the CTG Full Hair Hub is a non-invasive natural hair loss treatment with a much lower-cost alternatives to standard transplants for restoring hair loss. It not only prevents hair loss efficiently by bringing oxygenated blood flow to the top of the scalp, but it also can reconvert DHT back into testosterone to stop hair loss. Best of all, it addresses the root cause of the problem by reconstructing blood flow networks and creating an environment in which hair may regrow organically.

Who can benefit from using the FHH

Any individuals (both men and women) who want to stop excessive hair falling out, have noticed hair thinning or lack of fullness, women who have lots of split ends due to Exposure to extreme weather conditions, hair care techniques such as blow drying, straightening, and using chemical such as hair coloring products. It is helpful for cancer patients to retain their hair during chemotherapy treatment and for people suffering from alopecia both men & and women.

The science behind it

The human body is truly an electrical marvel. Every cell in the body, including the brain and nervous system, has tiny electrical currents and charges. Their electrical or ionic "charge"—positive or negative—determines how cells behave in the body and what operations they perform. This information has recently allowed researchers and doctors to discover additional methods to use electrical stimulation to control, alter, and improve bodily functioning. Heart, muscular activity, soft tissue healing, bone formation, brain, and “pain” This understanding of the body's usage of electricity, electrical impulses, and pathways has given scientists various strategies to help and repair severe physical ailments. One form of electro-stimulation is called PGS (pulsed galvanic stimulation). PGS’s unique electrical parameters can offer vasodilation (enlargement of blood vessels) that allows bringing more oxygenated blood flow to the top of the scalp helping with hair loss.

How the FHH works

Sessions are received while sitting on an ergonomically shaped couch with a hemispherical hood. This hood contains electrodes that deliver specified pulsed electrostatic energy during uniquely scheduled sessions. There is no direct contact between the hood of the device and the scalp of the patient. Energy is delivered passively to the scalp by the low-level electric field generated within the hood. This electric field is created by a low-frequency, low-intensity electrostatic pulse used to stimulate the scalp with very limited tissue penetration increasing the constant flow of oxygenated blood to the capillaries that lie below the scalp surface which are in charge of not only the transportation of all the essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that the hair roots need to grow new hair but also to prevent the conversion of testosterone to DHT that attacks the hair follicles and cause hair thinning. Customers receive sessions once a week. Each session lasts 12 minutes, and one full course of treatment is 36 sessions, clients usually notice a major reduction of hair falling out after 8 sessions (8 weeks), and fuller thicker heads of hair are usually observed within 18 to 36 sessions, but Sessions must be continued weekly to maintain the results.


$150 per session

Before & After Photos

The best results are achieved with clients who have just begun to notice that their hair appears to be thinning and not as full and healthy as it once was. However, many people of all ages, male and female, have benefited from regular Hair sessions. Here are just a few clients of thousands around the world who are enjoying the appearance of a fuller, thicker hair.

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