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Foundation Program

For those who are unable to invest and commit to the full wellness program, there is a more manageable option called the foundation Program. The Foundation Program is a lighter version of the Wellness Program; However, as the name implies, the Foundation program aims to reverse the disease rather than just manage its symptoms; it does this by addressing the root causes and multiple factors that contribute to the disease. It provides an honest and practical way to regaining optimal health. The foundation program allows us to identify extremely subtle changes and imbalances in blood chemistry that suggest the start of the disease, allowing the patient to make lifestyle and diet changes to prevent serious future health problems such as cancer thus, radiation, surgery, and long-term hormone replacement are unnecessary.

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Program Details

1. Initial evaluation with symptoms survey questionnaire 

You will be provided a questionnaire form with over 200 questions for subjective evaluation in several health categories such as Cardiovascular, Liver/Biliary, Sugar Handling, Digestion, Hyperthyroid, Hypothyroid, Hyper-Adrenal, and Hypo Adrenal to fill out and return for further review. This form is intended to cover and address the clinical history of the new patient from birth to the present. It also generates and orders a personalized blood panel test to detect any abnormalities in blood chemistry and cellular nutrition, which are the primary causes of all degenerative illnesses.​


2. Comprehensive functional blood test

The personalized lab tests reveal the amount of malfunction in your body's numerous physiological systems, ranging from food digestion to liver health and immune system strength - all of which are critical to sustaining optimal health. These laboratory tests differ significantly from the standard annual blood tests you receive as part of a routine visit to your doctor, which primarily identifies the production of white and red blood cells, abnormal levels of vitamins and minerals, blood sugar, protein, cholesterol, hormones, and other factors. When levels go outside of the usual range, doctors can diagnose certain medical conditions and initiate therapy. But what if you visit the doctor with symptoms and your blood tests are normal? Most likely, you will be sent on your way with instructions to return if things worsen, or you may be given medicine to relieve symptoms without discussing the underlying causes. However, because our customized lab tests analyze a patient's blood chemistry within a functional and optimal range, we can detect very subtle changes and imbalances in blood chemistry as well as deficiencies in cellular nutrition, which are indicative of the onset of disease and reveal patterns that not only foreshadow potential problems but also explain why certain symptoms are present. To help you regain your health, Dr. Reza will first review the test results with you online and explain all of the findings, as well as the underlying causes of your health problems. He will then recommend the optimal treatment strategy, including your customized diet plan, two coaching sessions, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle changes.

3. A personalized diet plan  and nutritional supplement recommendation

To improve your health and well-being, we will make a custom food plan for you based on your unique metabolic typing as well as the list of whole food nutritional supplements to aid with your cellular nutrient deficiencies. Unfortunately, the modern medical field as a whole believes that diet doesn't matter. It's a sad fact that most doctors don't apply the principles of good nutrition to their suffering patients, even though the father of medicine Hippocrates  said “LET FOOD BE THY MEDICINE AND MEDICINE BE THY FOOD.”

Researchers have discovered that some foods may either stimulate or inhibit the activity of genes, some of which have a protective effect while others can potentially be detrimental. By modifying your diet, you can control the expression of your genes, either by facilitating or inhibiting their function. When you determine your metabolic type and make dietary modifications, you will discover two primary things: (1) what items do not work with your body's chemistry, and  (2) how to combine carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in the most beneficial way for you.

4. Two coaching sessions with a designated doctor

There will be two online coaching sessions, each lasting 45 minutes. During the coaching sessions, you will receive assistance in establishing objectives that will aid the adoption of healthy lifestyles, as well as developing methods and plans to help you achieve your goals. Additionally, it aids in identifying individual motivations and obstacles that prevent long-term progress.

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