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Foundation Program



The primary goal of this program is to help you avoid the unnecessary side effects of pharmaceutical drugs and invasive surgical procedures, as well as to provide you with empowering information about your health, the root causes of your ill symptoms, and customized treatment plans that will nourish your health and well-being not only today, but for the rest of your life. Although the conventional diagnosis and pharmaceutical drug model works extremely well for acute care, such as fighting acute infectious diseases or attempting to resuscitate a cardiac arrest patient, it does not work for today's chronic disease epidemic, which affects millions of people, such as autoimmune, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, allergies, and other inflammatory diseases.

The Foundation program addresses the underlying causes and multifactorial triggers of disease, with the goal of reversing the disease process rather than masking or managing symptoms for the remainder of one's life, and it establishes an honest and effective road to restoring optimal health and well-being.  With over 25 years of expertise, his evidence-based scientific approach and knowledge of Eastern & Functional treatment, together with his own experience with the health and illness process, results in the evolutionary individualized treatment he gives, which works exceptionally well with his clients.

This isn't your usual doctor's appointment. Each new patient experience is meant to cover and address their clinical story from birth to the present, and to integrate all organ systems, address any symptoms in all regions of your body, and provide a complete health intake, revolutionary lab testing, and individualized nutrition and lifestyle assistance.   

This is considerably different from a traditional doctor's appointment, where you may see several different doctors (specialists) in short visits to discuss one condition isolated to one organ system and are referred to a different doctor at a different time if you have another problem. Our bodies are interwoven, and every cell, organ, and system is linked to one another, and everything you eat, think, breathe, or are exposed to affects every cell, organ, and system in your body. The Foundation program is the answer to this dilemma.

The Foundation program contains the following components:

  • Initial consultation & Evaluation . Dr. Reza will spend 90 minutes with you to evaluate the test results and treat the underlying cause of your health difficulties.  

  •  Comprehensive functional blood test . It will reveal important information regarding Sugar handling and metabolic issues, hormonal imbalances, immunological dysfunction, liver and renal function, inflammation, toxicity, key vitamin and mineral levels as well as other nutrient deficiency.

  •  A tailored and customized plan. This includes a personalized diet plan, a month of whole food supplements to aid with detoxification and gut regeneration. 

 Two private coaching sessions.  You will have two private coaching sessions in the first month of sticking to your plan.  

Invest in a Foundation Program $2500

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