Package Deals

These packages are for those willing to create the discipline in their lives to achieve optimal health through long-term change. We hope you’ll consider a Health Package to help you develop a personal connection to your desire to be healthy. Only then will you be motivated to make necessary lifestyle changes a permanent part of your life. After all, health may not be everything, but if you lose it, everything quickly becomes nothing.

  • Package A$750

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    • Nutritional Evaluation
    • Nutritional supplements test
    • Bottle of Premium Ionic Minerals Plus
    • One month of Nutritional supplements Standard process brand

    Package B$1450

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    • Comprehensive Evaluation using AcuGraph
    • 6 Acupuncture Treatments
    • 3 Months supply of Herbal Medicine Evergreen Brand
    • Re-Evaluation after 3 months using AcuGraph

    Package C$2100

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    • Body Electric Evaluation using Quantum Magnetic Analyzer Device
    • Full Core Reading with Dr. Reza
    • 10 Additional Frequency Broadcasting
    • 3 Private Consultation with Dr. Reza Online

    Package D$4800

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    • Everything Included In Package A
    • Everything Included InPackage B
    • Everything Included InPackage C
    • Plus 3 Additional Private consultation with Dr. Reza In person