These packages are for those willing to create discipline in their lives to achieve optimal health through long-term change. We hope you’ll consider a Health Package to help you develop a personal connection to your desire to be healthy. Only then will you be motivated to make necessary lifestyle changes a permanent part of your life. After all, health may not be everything, but if you lose it, everything quickly becomes nothing.

  • PackageA

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    • Nutritional Evaluation
    • Nutritional supplements test
    • Body Electric Evaluation


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    • Initial Evaluation using AcuGraoh
    • 10 Acupuncture Treatments
    • One months supply Herbal Prescription


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    • 6 Private Sessions with Dr. Reza
    • It will help clients to make positive and lasting changes to the Mental, Emotional and Social state of their well-being
    • Every session is for the duration of one hour and a half
    • you meet with him once a week
    • can be over the phone, via Skype or in person at the office


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    • 6 weeks Transformation Program
    • This is an in-person and online coaching session with Dr. Reza for duration of 6 weeks meeting twice a week
    • The 6 Weeks Transformation Program is your key to reaching your potential and achieving your ultimate success. It provides you the tools, resources, goal setting, nutrition, and exercise along with giving you the personalized support you need to succeed.