Private consultation with Dr. Reza

Most Physicians are not trained to help patients change behavior. Doctors are primarily taught how to diagnose and treat disease. And although they are great at recommending patients lose weight, exercise more, or eat a healthy diet, they typically offer little advice on how to accomplish this beyond join a gym or see a nutritionist. As an integrative health practitioner, Dr. Reza views health and wellness from a holistic perspective which means he is interested in the whole person and what it means to thrive Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, and Socially. Having a private consultation with Dr. Reza which can be over the phone, via Skype or in person at the office, is not a Psychological Consultation but more like a health mentor and health coach. It will help clients to make positive and lasting changes to the Mental, Emotional and Social state of their well-being by formulating a plan to develop a healthy mindset and healthy habits, encouraging them every step of the way until they accomplish their goals.

How long a consultation last?

Typically, you meet with him twice a month. The program lasts anywhere from a month to three months, or until you reach your goals. Every session is for one hour and a half.

How much a session cost?

An hour an half session of private talk with Dr. Reza cost $300 online or in person at his office however if you purchase a package of 6 sessions in advance (meeting twice a month for 3 months) you will get the 7 sessions for the free saving of $300.

One Session with Dr. Reza

Price $ 300

6 Sessions with Dr. Reza

If you purchase a package of 6 sessions in advance you will receive the 7th sessions free of charge, a saving of $300.

Price $ 1800