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Electromagnetic radiation(EMF) Neutralizer

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The Problem

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) believes we need to do a better job at understanding these adverse biological health effects. They have documented genetic damage, reproductive defects, cancer, neurological degeneration and nervous system dysfunction, immune system dysfunction, and many other harmful effects of EMF exposure. Many studies have revealed a link between the use of these types of technological devices and various forms of illness, due to a breakdown at the cellular level and interference in cell communication. 

The effects are linked to chronic disease states, ADHD, Tinnitus, insomnia, Autism, Cancer, mental illnesses like depression, Alzheimer’s and Dementia, and problems related to focus, memory, and attentiveness. EMF studies have repeatedly shown gene mutations and DNA fragmentation, which can cause cell mutation and cancer.


The Solution

Aulterra EMF Neutralizing Products

Aulterra EMF neutralizing products have proven through in vitro studies to be the only products available to protect human DNA from the harmful effects of EMF/RF radiation. Aulterra Neutralizers reverse the bio-electrical patterns emitted by wireless devices and blocks 100% of the detrimental effects caused by EMFs on human DNA. They provide protection from molecular, electrical and thermal radiation emitted from all electronic devices.

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