Consultations and Programs with Dr. Reza

Dr. Reza is available to offer his consultation online or in person at his West Los Angeles office. There are details explanations on each program and packages at Services tab and if you have not watched the entire introduction video on the first page please stop reading and click here to watch it Interview Video. everyone must watch it before the consultation, for more efficient use of time. The best way for you to know where to go from here is by Click here to Fill out the Online Form. answering few questions and then click Submit, Dr. Reza will review and email you back with the most appropriate product and services recommendation base on your Health issues and concerns.

After his recommendations of most beneficial service or products based on your answers, you can click at the service tab or products tab to get more details information or to purchase a specific service or product. If you are interested in making an appointment, simply contact his office by phone or via email to set it up.

Click here to Fill out the Online Form