Wellness Programs

Doctors are primarily taught how to diagnose and treat disease. Although they are great at recommending patients to lose weight, exercise more, or eat a healthy diet, they typically offer little advice on how to accomplish this beyond joining a gym or seeing a nutritionist or to help patients change behavior and lifestyle. As an integrative health practitioner, Dr. Reza views health and wellness from a wholistic perspective which means he is interested in the whole person and what it means to thrive Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Socially and Energetic. His methodology is especially helpful as a part of a preventative approach to those who are pro-active about their health. Many of the so-called preventative measures in use today are really not early detection measures rather than the late stage. For example, having a regular blood sugar test is not part of prevention – it will only show an imbalance once the body has failed at all its attempts to regulate the blood sugar. When you get an abnormal blood sugar reading it is at quite a late stage already and one should really have had preventative measures in place years before the abnormal result. Dr. Reza's various evaluations and tests can detect imbalances that may lead to serious disease, by following his instructions a person can minimize the likelihood of his/her serious conditions developing in the future. He is offering his health services program in the form of packages only (meaning there is no single evaluations can be purchase), for that reason, He has developed few package programs to improve his patient’s Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social, and Energetic aspect of their wellbeing in order to help his clients to live a longer, healthier and more purposeful life. The best way for you to know where to go from here and which package is more appropriate for you in order to improve your conditions, please follow the steps below in the order listed:

1- watch the entire Interview Video on the home page first for more efficient use of time.

2- Click the Online Form answer a few questions and Submit the form, after Dr. Reza receive and review your questionnaire, he will email you back with the most appropriate programs recommendation base on your Health issues and concerns.

3- Visit Dr. Reza’s Programs by going to the services tab then click Programs You will see 4 different packages, A, B, C, and D. Click More Details below any packages, then it will take you to another page to see the list of indivitual tests inside that specific package. For instance,Package A contains of 3 evaluations : Nutrition evaluation, Body electric evaluation, and Nutritional supplements test.

Package A will determine the customized diet, detect organ dysfunction, and prevents the issues from turning into a serious problem. When you ready to make an appointment, simply contact the office by phone or via email to set it up.

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